Meet the Team

Marianne Siegrist, DO

Family Medicine

“I am all about preventive care. I want my patients to be partners in their healthcare. We are all going to age. It is about how we age! If you as the patient are willing to do your job I will do my best to get you to your 95th birthday! Staying well is not just luck or genetics. It is about hard work taking care of yourself everyday.”

Stephen Siegrist, DO

Family Medicine

“Family Practice Medicine means taking care of all family members. To provide the best care possible, I rely on my experience and continuing pursuit of education. I practice a holistic type medicine and try to integrate all my skills to improve patient health and well-being. Listening to the patient is very important and I try to be proactive by emphasizing preventive care. I use the patient/physician relationship in an effort to achieve better health and quality of life.”